Fix, repair or replace your engine control unit quickly and efficiently

Merckeys have a huge selection of ECUs in stock for most models of Mercedes-Benz.


Our qualified technicians can retune your ECU to improve performance issues, such as increasing torque and horsepower.

AdBlue solutions

AdBlue system faults include Nox sensors, Pumps and heating elements failing thus giving AdBlue faults and vehicle going into limp mode.

With our software we can deactivate the AdBlue system preventing costly repairs and re occurring AdBlue issues.

Diagnosis service

Our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment can quickly and accurately check your ECU for faults.

Courier service

We offer a 24-hour postal service so you can save time and money. All ECUs are tested and ‘virginised’ before being despatched. This means they are reset to a ‘virgin’ state and will need to be programmed by a dealer or qualified technician.

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What is an ECU?

ECU stands for engine control unit, the on-board computer which controls your car’s engine.

Signs the ECU is malfunctioning?

There can be many signs that the ECU is faulty, such as the engine warning light coming on or an unexplained decline in performance or fuel economy. If your ECU is faulty, it’s important to get it checked and repaired quickly before major breakdown or failure.

What ECU models do you stock?

We typically have ECUs available for these Mercedes-Benz models. Contact us today to check availability or to request unlisted models.

What is the Mercedes-Benz ECU price?

The ECU is an intricate device and, as with all electronic components, can face issues over time. When considering a replacement, one common query is the Mercedes-Benz ECU price. Given the precision and complexity of the technology, the cost can be on the higher side, but it"s a worthy investment for the unparalleled performance it promises.

In situations where the ECU is malfunctioning or damaged, a Mercedes ECU replacement becomes indispensable. Replacing the ECU can restore the vehicle to its prime performance, ensuring that the Mercedes-Benz driving experience remains unmatched.

Some words from our customers

  • Darren C

    I required a secondary key for a Mercedes Benz import I had just purchased, after researching for this service via trademe and MercKeys I came across Dale. Top man, expert knowledge and truly fantastic service. He was simply a breeze to deal with and was very quick and on point. He took all the stress out of the situation for me. Dale, thank you very much Sir!

    Darren C
  • Nhoj Oip
    Dale from Merckeys is an absolute legend!! A MASTER technician and a stand up bloke!! Dale from Merckeys went above and beyond to accommodate for my situation. Dale worked fast and explained what he was doing step by step for my simple mind. I saved ALOT of money as I was going to get charged an arm and a leg then some from an aftermarket workshop. I give Dale 10 out of 10 rating and will most definitely be recommending Merckeys. Thanks Dale and Merckeys simply the best!!? From a Mercedes owner on a low budget much appreciated.
    Nhoj Oip
  • Greg G
    Being a Merc owner with a W202 97 C class c230, my old key was beginning to die a slow death until it packed up 2 days ago, at a shopping center. Not able to get back into the car, i asked the Merc dealership down the road to assist, and they told me a new key would cost 3900 and 3 weeks to arrive. With no such time on my hands, I found Merc keys and had such great customer service and assistance from them. 2 hours later my car was up and running with a new key. Thanks again.
    Greg G

Our full guarantee

We're so confident of the quality of our electronic car repairs that we fully guarantee all our electronic parts and electrical repair work for one year.

Contact us now to get started. 

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