Solve your AdBlue problems quickly and efficiently

AdBlue system faults include Nox sensors, Pumps and heating elements failing thus giving AdBlue faults and vehicle going into limp mode.

With our software, we can implement a solution that prevents AdBlue from being a problem in any make and model of car or van, avoiding costly repairs.

Courier service

In addition to our other services, we offer a 24-hour postal service so you can save time and money. All ECUs are tested and ‘virginised’ before being despatched. This means they are reset to a ‘virgin’ state and will need to be programmed by a dealer or qualified technician.

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Some words from our happy customers

Being a Merc owner with a W202 97 C class c230, my old key was beginning to die a slow death until it packed up 2 days ago, at a shopping center. Not able to get back into the car, i asked the Merc dealership down the road to assist, and they told me a new key would cost 3900 and 3 weeks to arrive. With no such time on my hands, I found Merc keys and had such great customer service and assistance from them. 2 hours later my car was up and running with a new key. Thanks again.

Greg G.

Our full guarantee

We're so confident of the quality of our electronic car repairs that we fully guarantee all our electronic parts and electrical repair work for one year.

Contact us today to get started.

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