Mercedes-Benz steering lock replacement services

MercKeys specialises in fixing all blocked or broken electric steering locks, so you no longer have to worry about when your steering will lock up next.

Tow in, drive-out

We can repair all blocked, broken electronic steering locks (ESL) in our fully-equipped auto centre. Our expert technicians are fully trained and equipped to replace and program your electronic steering lock while you wait!

Postal programming service

Send us your electronic ignition switch (EIS) and NEC key, and we can program a replacement steering lock for you.

Replacement steering lock emulator

Eliminate mechanical steering lock failure by replacing your ESL with a simulator. Available for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

100% satisfaction, guaranteed

We have a full testing facility to diagnose your auto electronic fault quickly and accurately. We will be able to advise you if your ESL is faulty or if another component is causing your issues.

Why Might You Need a Mercedes ELV Repair?

If you're facing any of the following issues, it's a clear indication that you might require a Mercedes ELV repair:

  • The ignition key refuses to turn.
  • The dashboard doesn't light up when the key is inserted.
  • You notice the message "Steering Column Lock Defective" on your dashboard.

At MercKeys, we provide efficient Mercedes ELV repair services, ensuring that these problems are a thing of the past.

Why Choose MercKeys for Steering Lock Issues?

Effectively tackling a Mercedes steering wheel lock problem requires expertise and precision, which is where MercKeys comes in:

Expert Technicians

Our seasoned team of professionals are not just any technicians; they are specialists who have honed their skills working extensively with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Their knowledge of the ESL Mercedes systemand ESL emulator ensures that they can diagnose and rectify issues with accuracy and speed.

Comprehensive Solutions

Whether you're grappling with a jammed steering lock or facing challenges due to a defective Mercedes ESL motor, the experienced team at MercKeys will offer a solution. Our experts delve deep into the problem, ensuring that every issue, be it major or minor, is addressed with utmost care.

Quality Parts

Ensuring that your luxury vehicle gets the best care, we at MercKeys use only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for replacements. This commitment not only guarantees optimal performance but also enhances the longevity of your vehicle.

Some words from our customers

  • Darren C

    I required a secondary key for a Mercedes Benz import I had just purchased, after researching for this service via trademe and MercKeys I came across Dale. Top man, expert knowledge and truly fantastic service. He was simply a breeze to deal with and was very quick and on point. He took all the stress out of the situation for me. Dale, thank you very much Sir!

    Darren C
  • Nhoj Oip
    Dale from Merckeys is an absolute legend!! A MASTER technician and a stand up bloke!! Dale from Merckeys went above and beyond to accommodate for my situation. Dale worked fast and explained what he was doing step by step for my simple mind. I saved ALOT of money as I was going to get charged an arm and a leg then some from an aftermarket workshop. I give Dale 10 out of 10 rating and will most definitely be recommending Merckeys. Thanks Dale and Merckeys simply the best!!? From a Mercedes owner on a low budget much appreciated.
    Nhoj Oip
  • Greg G
    Being a Merc owner with a W202 97 C class c230, my old key was beginning to die a slow death until it packed up 2 days ago, at a shopping center. Not able to get back into the car, i asked the Merc dealership down the road to assist, and they told me a new key would cost 3900 and 3 weeks to arrive. With no such time on my hands, I found Merc keys and had such great customer service and assistance from them. 2 hours later my car was up and running with a new key. Thanks again.
    Greg G
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How can I tell if my steering lock is faulty?

Signs that your ESL is faulty are that you cannot turn the key in the ignition or the steering refuses to unlock and/or lock with the key in the ignition.

What is an ESL emulator?

The original Mercedes-Benz mechanical ESL is susceptible to wear and tear. However, it can be bypassed with a solid-state ESL emulator.

Can you fix the ESL on the W204 C Class Mercedes-Benz?

Yes, the most common failure on the W204 C Class Mercedes-Benz’s immobiliser system is the electronic steering lock. We have plenty of experience in fixing the ESL on W204 C Class Mercedes-Benz.

Understanding the Mercedes-Benz Steering Lock Problem

One of the most common issues that several Mercedes-Benz owners encounter is the Mercedes-Benz steering lock problem. This can happen in various ways:

  • Difficulty in turning the key in the ignition
  • The steering wheel may get jammed, causing the Mercedes steering lock jammed issue.
  • The Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) failing to recognize the key.

The root cause behind these problems often lies in the Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) system.

What is ESL?

ESL, or Electronic Steering Lock, is a safety feature incorporated in Mercedes-Benz vehicles to deter theft. TheESL Mercedes system locks the steering wheel when the key is removed from the ignition. This ensures that the vehicle remains stationary if someone tries to move it without the key.

However, over time, wear and tear can affect the ESL Mercedes system, leading to issues like the Mercedes steering wheel lockmalfunction.

The Role of ELV and ESL in Mercedes

The Electronic Locking Valve (ELV) emulator is an integral component that works in tandem with the ESL system. The ELV emulator for Mercedes is designed to replicate the function of the original ELV, ensuring that the vehicle's steering remains locked unless the correct key is used.

If there's a fault with the ELV system, it could lead to the steering wheel getting jammed. This is where the Mercedes ELV repairservices at MercKeys come into play. Our expert technicians are well-versed in addressing these problems, ensuring a smooth driving experience for our clients.

Why Might You Need a Mercedes ELV Repair?

If you're facing any of the following issues, it's a clear indication that you might require a Mercedes ELV repair:

  • The ignition key refuses to turn.
  • The dashboard doesn't light up when the key is inserted.
  • You notice the message "Steering Column Lock Defective" on your dashboard.

At MercKeys, we provide efficient Mercedes ELV repair services, ensuring that these problems are a thing of the past.

The Importance of the Mercedes ESL Motor

The Mercedes ESL motor plays a crucial role in the functioning of the ESL system. It's responsible for locking and unlocking the steering column. A faulty ESL motor can prevent the steering wheel from unlocking, even when the correct key is inserted.

If you face a situation where the steering column doesn't unlock despite using the right key, the Mercedes ESL motormight be the culprit. But don’t worry; at MercKeys, our technicians can swiftly address and rectify these issues.

What is an ESL Emulator?

An ESL emulatoris a device that can bypass a faulty ESL system, allowing the vehicle's steering to unlock. If the original ESL is beyond repair, installing an ESL emulator is a great solution. It replicates the function of the actual ESL system, ensuring the vehicle remains operational.

Electronic components are an integral part of the modern car, and on the whole are largely reliable, but from time-to-time faults can develop and when they do, you will require the services of specialists to affect a diagnosis and repair. And despite their warranted reputation as manufacturers of high quality and luxury vehicles, some electronics on a Mercedes can be vulnerable, in particular the Electric Steering Lock (ESL).

In many cases you will realise you have a problem with your Mercedes steering wheel lock when your key won’t turn in the ignition, a warning message appears on the dashboard, or alternatively nothing at all lights up on the dashboard. At this point your vehicle will almost certainly be immobilised and you will face the prospect of finding a swift and reliable service that will get you and your vehicle back on the road with the minimum of fuss.

MercKeys, are specialists in Mercedes electronic car part repairs and employ a team of expert electronic engineers with an unrivalled knowledge and experience of dealing with all electronic problems on Mercedes whether classic cars, or the very latest models, and when it comes to Mercedes steering lock repair, you are unlikely to find a better service. We offer the steering lock service for the whole of New Zealand via courier, send us your ignition switch, keys and failed steering locking lock and we will supply and program a replacement steering lock, esl, emulator

The Mercedes ESL system is dependent on a couple of key components working properly, the ESL motor and the Electric Locking Valve (ELV) and in the case of either component developing a fault your steering wheel will be locked, even with the correct key being used. The expert team at MercKeys have at their disposal the very latest diagnostic equipment as well as state of the art tools, which will quickly determine where the fault lies and the most effective remedial solutions, which can generally be completed while you wait.

There will be some cases when the most prudent course of action is to utilise a Mercedes steering lock emulator, a component which can emulate the function of the original Mercedes ESL without any compromise in efficiency. Similarly, an emulator may be used when it comes to Mercedes ELV repairs, but whatever the best option for you and your vehicle MercKeys can assure a first-class service. As wholly independent Mercedes specialists, using only genuine Mercedes parts, but with the ability to source them at competitive prices, MercKeys pas their savings on to their customers, combining a first-class service with affordable costs.

MercKeys offer a full 12-month guarantee on all parts and repairs on your Mercedes, meaning that you can drive away from their centre with complete peace of mind with a job done to the highest of standards. When you throw transparent pricing and free quotes into the mix it is easy to see why MercKeys are the first choice for not just Mercedes steering wheel lock problems but a wide range of other electronic problems that may at some time afflict your vehicle.

For a thoroughly professional service that will keep you informed throughout the whole process of diagnosis and repair, look no further than MercKeys, nationwide.